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Hi everyone. It's been a while since your moderator has posted here but you will all be please to know that Jakub Dvorsky is in the process of making another fantastic game. Instead of anticipated Samorost 3 - it will be called MACHINARIUM!


Chapter One:
Main character is the little white gnome whose dog has been kidnapped by the aliens.
Your mission is to rescue the poor puppy.

Chapter Two:
Oh no! Our friends had a little accident and are stranded on a very weird planet.
Help them return home.

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The game Mahjong is originally a Chinese game played with square tiles with a picture. Mahjong The name comes from the Mandarin word Majiang and in Cantonese also called Maa Chuk. All over the world, there are different versions of Mahjong.

In the original game Mahjong is played with the images of figures, bamboo sticks, circles, the winds and dragons. Many new variations of the game depart from here.
The original rules of the game Mahjong, Mahjong Club according to the Amsterdam 'Red Dragon'. If you want to play the game according to these rules, you will need to deepen it a bit as the games can be played on the Internet differ from the rules of origin are known. In the accessible mahjong variants, there are few rules. The main rule is: find two the same, exposed stones together and click them away. This makes it accessible and fun for the player. Some game variations will be on time. It is the aim of all the tiles from the board before the hourglass is empty. When a good combination is clicked, the time stand still or you get extra time in the hourglass. Games in time for the experienced mahjong player a fun challenge.

For many games sites is a challenge to continue to create new variants of Mahjong. But the idea and the rules remain the same and often change only the pictures. Learn more about Mahjong and other games with game design college.

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“Fascinating creativity demonstrated in a wonderful online game. It's good to see classic European animation school in the electronic form. A true masterpiece of interactive art.”